Meet Shaneil
My Journey.....
I am really grateful for where I am today in business and life, and I know God is going to take me even further and allow me to touch even more lives….
I do want to say though I DEFINITELY didn’t start here. It’s been a long time coming but by overcoming the fears and putting herself out there, my life has never been the same. Listen to my journey below. 
My Accomplishments...
When I started my business, I used to be super invisible. YES I even used to hide in bathrooms at conferences because I was afraid I didn’t fit in or was afraid people would judge me. Even though I was great at what I did, only I knew that… it’s safe to say I was the “best-kept secret” in my industry. After overcoming my fears and putting myself out there, my life has never been the same and I’ve been able to have a massive platform because of it. When catalysts like us get out of our own way we finally change the world, but most importantly we become the best versions of ourselves.
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