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"If you don't hit your goals, or you are slacking off, trust me she will kick your butt and I love that about her"
  - Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo 
Brilliant Leadership International
She 2X'd her income and made ALL of last year's income in just a few months working together......
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It's amazing what can be changed in only 5 days! 
"You believed in me and didn't give me the choice of letting go. Thank you so much!"
6 new clients in the space of 2 weeks as a brand new coach! 
Shaneil challenged me (in a loving way) to stop being the best-kept secret...
"I'm attracting the right people for my program and living my purpose!" 
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"She shows up 110% and knows how to light the fire under you to get you into a place of Clarity & Confidence in your business"
"Colour me excited.... A solid investment"
"2 new legal clients + launch my OWN law firm"
"I doubled last year's income in the 1st half of the year"
Watch her video testimonial
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